Rebecca Donohue

Rebecca Donohue

Writer, Director of Digital Content

Creative Writer and Content Specialist with an emphasis on humor, LGBT, parenting, Latino culture, and anything interesting or out there. Try me, I'll probably write it for you. ;)

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#Takedown Thursday! | AFV

#Takedown Thursday! | AFV

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Linda, Honey, Listen! #TBT | AFV

Linda, Honey, Listen! #TBT | AFV

Open uri20140422 25144 irzmdo article
Talk, Talk, Talk! | AFV

Talk, Talk, Talk! | AFV

Open uri20131027 32543 155cmhh article
AFV's Funniest Videos Of The Week - Burpin' Baby! - AFV

AFV’s Funniest Videos Of The Week – Burpin’ Baby!

Stringio article
Meet The Band: Matt & Kim - AFV

Meet The Band: Matt & Kim
America’s Funniest Home V...

Screen shot 2013 05 12 at 8.32.18 am article
Amigos de Jose Cuervo: Pumpkin Cocktails

Wrote a series of lifestyle pieces and interviews for the LA Times and the Amigos de Jose campaign.

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Did My Post Suck Today? | Sweet Mother

The below is a list of what happens in my brain for the next 31 minutes after I hit “publish” each and everyday.  Note:  I only have about 1 original thought per minute, the other thoughts within t...

Get Into Bed With Queer Comedy At PodShare

I've been a comedian for forever and a day. It all started back in New York -- my odd and wonderful career. I learned quickly that if you wanted to be on a cool comedy show full of queer and allied ac...

Open uri20121110 9115 222dud article
How Oscar Pistorius Makes You Feel Inadequate

I knew about Oscar Pistorius before these current Olympic games because his story fascinates me. Born without both of his fibulas, doctors (and his parents) decided to amputate his legs before he was ...

Open uri20121110 325 ea57fm article
Letters to My Gayby No. 2: Gayby Speak Pretty One Day | It's ...

By Rebecca Donohue Editor's Note: In our first installment, comedian Rebecca Donohue gave her future gayby

Open uri20121110 325 16dbvgp article
The Benefits of Losing

I slammed the ball into the wall, just as my mule went flying off my foot into the other direction. I played on, hobbling toward my next hit and slapping the ball into the wall a third time. Quickly i...

Open uri20121110 29809 x8hotq article
Action Victoria Jackson!

The last words I'll say during the rapture, until then there's the writing…
Posted on November 9, 2012
“…that is as ridiculous as two men kissing on the mouth! And I don’tcare what is politically corr...

Open uri20121110 325 fop9pq article
It's None of My Business, If Your Baby Is Drunk. | Sweet Mother

I used to have a joke in my act that went something like this…         “When you’re a kid, you never appreciate it.  You just want to grow up.  But, when you’re a young ad...

Open uri20121110 325 c7xb93 article
My Cesar Milan-ish Guide to Training a Puppy, a Gayby, or a Drag ...

I am a strict believer in all things Cesar Milan-ish.  Just recently, I decided to forego my five times a week psychoanalysis for a much simpler plan.  I call it the “calm, yet assertive” program. ...