Rebecca Donohue

Rebecca Donohue

Writer, Director of Digital Content

Creative Writer with a deep understanding of digital content, short form video and social media platforms. Try me, I'll probably write it for you.

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Skin a Watermelon and the Internet Goes Wild - How To Minute

Why would anyone ever skin a watermelon? Well, to make the internet gods happy, of course.

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A Beautiful Beet Cake I Will Never Make - How To Minute

This cake looks so good and is made so beautifully and'd probably never eat it.

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AFV: Breaking Brand Stereotypes For The Win

How to take a legacy brand and make it more internet-ish.

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Buzzfeed’s Talent Farm Strategy | My So Called Digital Life

How Buzzfeed is using Facebook as THE platform to propel their homegrown talent.

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This Horse Passing Gas May Be the Best Thing You See All Day

This Horse Passing Gas May Be the Best Thing You Se...

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#Takedown Thursday! | AFV

#Takedown Thursday! | AFV

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Linda, Honey, Listen! #TBT | AFV

Linda, Honey, Listen! #TBT | AFV

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Talk, Talk, Talk! | AFV

Talk, Talk, Talk! | AFV

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AFV's Funniest Videos Of The Week - Burpin' Baby! - AFV

AFV’s Funniest Videos Of The Week – Burpin’ Baby!

Stringio article

Meet The Band: Matt & Kim - AFV

Meet The Band: Matt & Kim
America’s Funniest Home V...

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LA Times

Amigos de Jose Cuervo: Pumpkin Cocktails

Wrote a series of lifestyle pieces and interviews for the LA Times and the Amigos de Jose campaign.

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Sweet Mother Blog

Did My Post Suck Today? | Sweet Mother

The below is a list of what happens in my brain for the next 31 minutes after I hit “publish” each and everyday.  Note:  I only have about 1 original thought per minute, the other thoughts within t...


Get Into Bed With Queer Comedy At PodShare

I've been a comedian for forever and a day. It all started back in New York -- my odd and wonderful career. I learned quickly that if you wanted to be on a cool comedy show full of queer and allied ac...

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Sweet Mother Blog

How Oscar Pistorius Makes You Feel Inadequate

I knew about Oscar Pistorius before these current Olympic games because his story fascinates me. Born without both of his fibulas, doctors (and his parents) decided to amputate his legs before he was ...